On hiatus, but not forgotten!

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates. Life is crazy, I’m putting most of my energy into commissions and job hunting, since being unemployed is really not fun. Lotus Cafe is the top priority out of my personal projects though, and I am still working on the concept stuff.

Have some filler art while I get my life in order.

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Updates and apologies

I’ve begun work on a personal webcomic, and so Lotus Cafe has unfortunately been pushed to a backburner for the moment. Once I get settled into the production schedule for the webcomic, I will be using what free time doesnt go to freelancing to work on Lotus Cafe, so do not give up hope friends! When I have new things to show you specifically for Lotus Cafe, they will be posted here. Otherwise, please refer to lotus-art.net (currently this jumps you to my professional blog) for any news of my other wacky hijinks ❤

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SPECIAL! Get me to DragonCon Sale!

Ok guys. I’ve got 2 months to raise enough money to get to DragonCon. This means that I need a LOT of commissions!

My goal: $1,000 USD
Currently at: $0, 0.0% of the way there!

This means that I will have 50 $20 slots open. That $20 will get you one full-color shaded character, with a basic background. Get a second character added for $10!
There is no limit on how many slots you can reserve, but payment must be sent in advance.

Commission list is kept on http://jilliancorvus.blogspot.com if you want to see how many slots are left.

Please spread the word!

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10 things I learned at CYPHAN

So this last weekend, I attended my first con as a vendor. It was pretty awesome, I didnt sell much but I made a TON of great connections and picked up some freelance work. I attended all the night events and after parties that I could, and I learned some very “important” things.

1. Svengoolie is still amazing, and a cool dude.
2. Ari Lehman (the original Jason from Friday the 13th) looks like a pirate.
3. Any hotel after party where you are handed a shot upon entry will inevitably rock
4. If above after party involves Kitty Zombie, double the awesome.
5. Ron Fitzgerald (magician) is a TOTAL sweetheart
6. Furries will always rock a dance party
7. Every geek apparently knows the moves for Time Warp
8. Drinking with local celebs is always a good idea
9. Ari Lehman and Ron Fitzgerald both think I have a nice ass
10. Scifi cons have far fewer instances of people wearing skimpy costumes that they really shouldn’t than any anime con.

I definitely can’t wait for CYPHAN to come back around next year. Its going to be at a better venue, but I dont think they could improve the guests, celebs, and entertainment if they tried. It was completely amazing.

Regular work on Lotus Cafe will resume shortly, thank you all for being patient with me ❤

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I will be there THIS WEEKEND, in the artist alley section. I’ll be selling a few prints, doing at-table commissions, and I’ll have a limited number of original Lotus Cafe bookmarks. If you can make it out there, please come say hi!

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Oh gods! *flail*

I’m graduating college tomorrow! Eep! I’ll also be moving back home within a month or so. Crazy times. I will be working hard to get back on a regular posting schedule here, but please forgive me if I fall behind a little bit ❤

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Yi Shan Sprite – Happy #2

Yi Shan’s Sprite with improved shading, yaay.

Sorry for the long disappearance – School was super crazy for a while. But I’m graduating this week, hooray! And that means that I will have plenty of time to devote to Lotus Cafe now.

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