Updates and apologies

I’ve begun work on a personal webcomic, and so Lotus Cafe has unfortunately been pushed to a backburner for the moment. Once I get settled into the production schedule for the webcomic, I will be using what free time doesnt go to freelancing to work on Lotus Cafe, so do not give up hope friends! When I have new things to show you specifically for Lotus Cafe, they will be posted here. Otherwise, please refer to lotus-art.net (currently this jumps you to my professional blog) for any news of my other wacky hijinks ❤

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2 Responses to Updates and apologies

  1. keoushe says:

    So any chance of you continuing this work? i hope you were able to find some work to fund it

    • Oh my gosh, I’m a terrible person. Yes! So much has happened over this last year. I have a full time job, so my free time is a bit stretched. I have a short comic in the works that will hopefully get my butt in gear, because I plan on using the majority of my art time over this year to complete/work on projects, including this one! I have to do some tweaking on character designs as my art has improved by miles, and hash out of proper storyline, but this WILL see some actual progress this year!

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