Yi Shan Sprite – Happy

This is my first attempt for the official sprite style, with Yi Shan’s happy expression. I think it might still need a bit more shading, its still a bit flat looking. The preview is fuzzy, please click on the image to see it properly.

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Status Update 5/5/10

I’ve (obviously) gotten Kasim’s character sheet done. I’m going to be a bit busy with school stuff for the next week or so so I probably won’t get much done art-wise, but I have begun to hammer out Yi Shan’s story path, and I’ll be getting to the main plot points on the others soon hopefully.

Right now I’m thinking of having each (good end) story path stretch over the course of a week in-game. I know that’s short compared to most full visual novels, but this is my first shot, so I want to at least test the week-long idea with Yi Shan’s path, and see how it goes.

What do you guys think?

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Kasim Character Sheet

Kasim the Aardwolf’s full character sheet! This one took me longer than it should have, the expressions were a bit difficult to get looking good.

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Status Update

Character Art: Working on Kasim’s character sheet right now, everyone else is yet to be started.

Story: Starting to map out the major plot points for all of the character paths.

Environments: Once plot points are established I’ll be able to make a full list of environments needed.

Coding: Nowhere close to this stage yet.

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Yi Shan character sheet

This is the full character sheet for Yi Shan, the shortest and youngest cast member of Lotus Cafe.

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Character Height Map

This height map is all of the main characters, including the player character Zane and the unlockable character Peregrine.

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Introductory Post

First post to start getting things set up, I’ll come back to this later and really get it started up properly. This is the official blog for the (still very much in production) furry visual novel, Welcome to the Lotus Cafe.

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